Beulah Williams was licensed as a minister in 1984 and under the auspices of Bishop C. Milton Grannum, Ed. D. Phd. She was advanced to the title Reverend. She also received additional training in biblical studies. This includes experiencing opportunities to exercise her gift of speaking and teaching on different occasions. She has exhibited faithful service in many capacities and has advanced in her work.

In addition to this book, she has written “Inspiration Rainbows”, “Today is a beautiful day” and “Rachael.”

Throughout the book, you can see the results of her experience of life by the way she tells this story. Reverend Beulah Williams has been retired from her position as Business manager for 23 years. She also at this age had to step back from her duties of ecclesiastic services. Her pleasure now is spending time with her family, relatives and church family. She resides in Philadelphia with her husband James Williams.